God’s Country (Series)

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Kicking up dust as I trudge through the streets of this centuries-old city, daily I am contemplating my identity here as an outsider, a tourist, an agnostic, a Native American, and a photographer.
Through this class we have examined the place of the Mexican in their landscape, especially as related to the struggle for identity as its ownership has changed hands.
As I have roamed around, the theme that I have recognized time and time again is the relationship between the landscape and spirituality. In modern-day San Miguel, there are remnants of the polytheistic religions of the pre-colonial days, as well as rampant representations of the Catholicism stuck straight into Mexican culture even after the Spaniards occupation had ended. In this selection of images, I have attempted to convey that in my stay in here, I have looked both broadly and narrowly. These recurring images led me to explore the interaction between what is now, what has been left, and what will always be part of Mexican identity.

1 thought on “God’s Country (Series)

  1. Amy, I too have felt the same way while being here in SMA. At a glance, sure anyone will feel the outsider, the tourist, the photographer (I’m sure this is more so for you.) As a traveler, you really have no control of what happens outside of your element of comfort. As a Native American, I have noticed you have had a very deep connection with not only the land here but the people (even if you do not speak the language) Your photographs say so. There is in my opinion a beautiful feel and connection with what you and your camera become in contact with.

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