Finding Sight in Mexico

Lindsay Crisler again

Being a photographer in a new place always offers a certain feeling of security. As an outsider coming into Mexico, I’ve been able to find comfort behind my viewfinder which is often a vulnerable place at home. In the US, the person on the street never wants you to take their picture because who knows where it could end up the internet later as if that’s exactly what I’m going to do with an image. But here in Mexico, the camera has offered me a connection to the people and the place counteracting the language barrier. I have been able to visually document my sight of Mexico and the Mexican sight back to me. Through these ways of seeing or gazes, I’ve been able to structure a body of work that shows an interaction between my perspective of Mexico and the Mexican response to me. In using the gaze in a two directions, my experience of Mexico has been given a new dimension that I will surely continue upon later visits and implement in other new places.

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