Dia De Los Locos

It was crazy, indeed. It’s ironic to me that this parade happened to be on Father’s day. While photographing this event, I found myself hardly looking through the viewfinder, pointing my camera around sporadically with the shutter releases going at 3 fps. When there is so much going on, it’s almost more fun to take your camera less seriously, and join in on the celebrations. I looked down a lot, only to get lots of pictures of people’s feet. Which was interesting to me. I loved how the people in the parade either wore normal shoes, for comfort’s sake, or made shoes to accent their costumes. The feet are the most integral piece to the parade, a moving force that once caught up in, one is trapped in the moving herd of people. Overtaken by the colors, the sound, and the movement of the whole thing, I began to see myself in my own costume of “otherness”, maybe that’s why I chose to shoot from the hip or from above the head. I have literally a thousand pictures, none of them properly composed. Scrolling through my files, the next one happened to be just as much of a surprise as the last! I loved it!

Here are my favorite images from the day:

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