¿A dónde voy?

(Kaitlin Jencso)

It feels surreal to be in Mexico, so far away from the smooth streets of DC and suit-clad men rising from the metro. We have had beautiful, warm days of dry heat, amazing amounts of culture and information at our fingertips, and been invited into places we’ve only dreamed about.  The icing on the cake is the amount of dogs always underfoot looking for a belly rub.

Mexico City offered up some true gems with the Graciela Iturbide retrospective at the Museo de Arte Moderno, the Anthropology Museum, The Image Center, La Casa Azul, and Trotsky’s house.  This city provided lots of contextual clues to the history of Mexican people and was a great precursor for San Miguel de Allende.

   The sense of surrealism is intensified by the contrast between the urban hustle of Mexico City and arriving in the communal San Miguel de Allende. The three hour van ride exposed a landcape of primitive and lonely spaces, void of large cities. Occupied instead with mountains and farm land. There were no turistas, no attractions, just native Mexico and its backbone. I felt so separated from the space through the tinted windows and my gringa eyes. Yet, here I am in Mexico, searching for any understanding of the labyrinth of solitude and to get a feel of even the tiniest sliver of what makes Mexico, Mexico. It is an exciting adventure and I hope that I can grasp an aspect of this culture enough to fall for more than its shear beauty, vividness, and mystique.


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