Stendhal Syndrome

Well, it’s got me. Overcome with the beauty of art, and romance with the natural world. I’m pretty sure it’s not the water, or tomatoes that’s got me feelin loopy. I just am overcome with happiness for where I am right now. These bright colors are reflecting the sun at just the perfect angle to get that serotonin running through my brain again. Not a single thing to complain about. Everything about this place is beautiful.

As I walk down these streets, I wonder how many steps it takes to make a stone as smooth as the ones I almost slip off of. How many people have made the journey to this jardin to witness the beauty and presence the biggest church holds over the square? What is this presence? Where does it come from?

On Saturday night, the energy of the jardin exudes from the pavement, still hot from the heat of day. Everyone gathered around, vendors sell toys, popcorn, churros, and street meat. The clock ticks and its another minute closer to the projections. Mariachis in tight white suits show off their talents, and bodies. Old gringo ladies dance with middle-aged Mexican women. After shooting for a few minutes, I realized it was one of those times that you just have to put the camera down. Live life not behind the lens for just a moment to soak up every bit of that trumpet possible. I stepped inside the church and although I am not a religious person at all, I was overcome with a feeling of peace. This is what I’m here for. The learning experiences. Soak it up.

…As for the spiritual path I was planning on shooting, (the hauntings, and ghosts) I haven’t quite figured out a way to articulate what I’m getting at. I’ll run things through with the teachers at 1-on-1’s.

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